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8th Dec 2023

Social Prescriber Service available at the Practice

What is Social Prescribing?

Social prescribing is supported by social prescribing link workers. A link worker will talk to you about what matters to you and they can connect you to relevant community groups and services for practical and emotional support.

Who would benefit from Social Prescribing?

  • Mental Health – where a patients social needs is not being met
  • Social Isolation
  • Bereavement
  • Financial Difficulties (DEBT)
  • Unemployment
  • Mobility Aids
  • In need of counselling support services
  • Social Care
  • Frailty
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Care Providers
  • Blue Badge Signposting
  • Carer’s Assessment and Support
  • Financial Assessments / Benefits Eligibility Check
  • Struggling to cope at home
  • Food Bank
  • Family Support
  • Weight Management
  • Dementia
  • Long-term health conditions which affect social and psychological wellbeing

Please speak to the Receptionist or your GP regarding a Social Prescriber Referral

4th Dec 2023

Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS)

Our practice is working closely with local pharmacists. Pharmacists are trained to give advice about medicines and can support you with a range of minor health conditions. 

Please watch the video below to see the process of this service. As of Monday 4th December 2023 you may be offered a same day consulation with the local pharmacist. 


  • It may be more appropriate to have your NHS consultation with a pharmacist instead of the GP practice.
  • The pharmacist consultation will be confidential.
  • Pharmacists are highly skilled healthcare professionals who have trained in medicines and can give health advice and help you manage your condition.
  • If treatment for symptoms is required, the pharmacist may suggest an over the counter medicine.
  • If the pharmacist thinks you need to see another healthcare professional, they will help arrange it.
  • With your consent, the pharmacist will ensure your medical record is updated with the outcome of your consultation.
  • Find out more about how pharmacies can help at:  

5th Nov 2023

URGENT NEWS: Rise in UK measles cases causing concern

A "very concerning" rise in the number of people catching measles in the UK has been reported by health officials.

The virus spreads incredibly easily and a fall in vaccination rates is leaving more children vulnerable to infection.

There were 54 cases of measles in the whole of last year. However, there have already been 49 in the first four months of 2023.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) is encouraging parents to ensure their children's vaccinations are up to date.

The main symptoms of measles are a fever and a rash. But it can cause more serious complications including meningitis, and an infection can be fatal.

That is why the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine is part of routine childhood immunisations.

For further information on how to check if your child has measels please follow this link Measles - NHS (

If your child is not upto date with the MMR Vaccination, which should include two MMR dose's please contact the practice to discuss this further. 


Dementia Service
5th Apr 2023

Dementia/ Alzheimer's Services Available

Are you a spouse, partner, carer, family member or friend caring for someone living with Alzheimer's?

You can now access services at Sheldon Heath Community Centre! 

Pixcture 2
2nd Dec 2022

Are you feeling lonely this winter?

Are you feeling lonely this winter? Loneliness has no common cause. Sometimes it can be triggered by a life event or change in situation, or it may not be triggered by anything at all. We all experience feeling lonely in different ways. It's really important to remember that loneliness and difficult feelings can pass. Sometimes it can feel easier to reach out to someone else who may be feeling lonely. There are plenty of simple actions you can take to help lift someone out of loneliness and in doing so, it might help you to feel less lonely too. Find out more about the steps you can take to help yourself and those around you and where you can find further support.

Find out more at

25th Nov 2022

Birmingham Children’s Hospital winter pressures plea

  • The Children’s Hospital Emergency Department is incredibly busy – those who are not seriously ill will face very long waits to be seen and may need to go elsewhere for help.
  • Remember, the Children’s Hospital Emergency Department can’t help with dental or eye issues. For an eye emergency, please attend the Midland Eye Centre at Dudley Road open 9am-7pm.  NHS 111 can help with finding and accessing an Emergency Dentist
  • There are things you can try before visiting, such as:
      • View our ‘virtual consultations’ to hear our doctors’ advice on the most common reasons people come to the Emergency Department. Click here.
      • Visit Healthier Together, a website recommended by our doctors, which has advice and resources for parents and young people. Click here.
      • Visit 111 online (for children aged 5 and over) answer questions about your symptoms on the website and they will tell you what to do next.
  • Take these simple steps to keep well this winter:
  • Wash your hands regularly just like you did during the pandemic
  • Get your flu jab and COVID-19 booster
24th Jul 2022

Changes to our appointment system

Changes to our appointment system as of Monday 16th May 2022

As of Monday 16th May 2022, you will now be able to request a face to face appointment on booking. The reception staff will offer you a choice of appointment, a face to face appointment, telephone triage appointment or video consultation. The appointment booking procedure will remain as bookings over the telephone only, we would like to limit any booking's being made at the reception desk. The reception staff may still ask you to provide a reason for the appointment to ensure the appointment has been booked correctly.

Repeat prescription slips can now be dropped off at reception, you can also request your medication online and via the telephone. 

24th Jul 2022


Monkeypox is a rare infection that's mainly found in parts of west or central Africa. There have been some recent cases in the UK. For further information please click on the below link 

Please do not attend the surgery or any other clinical setting should you have suspected symptoms. 

Click here for more information